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Pennsylvania Public Health Association (PPHA) is an all membership organization working to promote the health of Pennsylvania residents.  PPHA does this through the advancement of sound public health policies and practice. 
We are currently revamping our site, and are in the process of ensuring we deliver the best content and information to our members. As we do so, please feel free to send over any feedback and ideas you might have!

Upcoming Events:

APHA's Annual Meeting and Expo will be hosted in Philadelphia
from November 2-6th, 2019.

The theme this year is "Creating the Healthiest Nation. For Science. For Action. For Health"

To register, click here

We look forward to connecting to you all throughout the meeting!

About Us

PPHA members are from across the state and have an interest and expertise over a wide range of health-related issues, including those related to policy, education, private and public sector health services and healthcare delivery, legislation, and health-related research.

The Pennsylvania Public Health Association PPHA is a state affiliate of the American Public Health Association (APHA)

PPHA Welcomes OuOrganizational Members
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