Outbreak Investigations for the Non-Epidemiologist September 27, 2012 - 9AM to 10AM

19 Sep 2012 3:55 PM | PPHA Admin (Administrator)
This training will provide public health staff with an overview of the basic steps of an outbreak investigation. The intended audience is public health agency employees who may not be involved in outbreak investigations as part of their job responsibilities, but who may be called upon to assist with one in the event of a major incident.

Learning Objectives

Identify the steps or components of an outbreak investigation
Define how descriptive data regarding a cluster of illnesses in a population are used to generate hypotheses regarding the cause of that illness.
Describe how the findings of an outbreak investigation are used to develop and implement control measures.
 Who Should Attend
Local health department personnel, nurses, sanitarians, and health educators


 This event is available in person or virtually through live videoconference and webinar.
Please register at: https://www.paphtc.pitt.edu
Instructions on dialing or logging in will be in the confirmation email.
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